• Japan Stationery co., Ltd. is established.
    Soka Factory commences operation.
  • Export of products to overseas markes starts.
  • The Pentel oil Pastel is launched.
  • THe Pentel Pencil(the World's first mechanical pencil with an end button for advancing the lead), Hi-Polymer Lead (a refill lead for mechanical pencils), and oil-based Pentel Pen are launched.
  • Yoshlkawa Factory commences operation.
  • The Pentel Sign Pen is launched.
  • Branches are established In Hong Kong and Chicago.
    Ibarakl Factory commences operation.
  • Pentel of America, Ltd. is established.
  • The company receives The Prime Minister Award for its contribution to the increase of expeorts.
    Euro Pentel s.A.S. is established.
  • The company takes part in the Japan World Exposition 1970 by holding an exhibition in the International Children's Art Pavlion.
  • THe mechanical pencil P207 is launched.
  • The company name is changed to Pentel Co., Ltd.
  • The water-based ballpoint pen Ball Pentel is launched.
  • The Deming Prize is awarded as a result of company-wide efforts for quality control.
  • The Pentel Brush Pen is launched.
  • Dr. Deming the father of quality management, visits Pentel's factory.
  • The Pentel Rolling Writer is adopted as the offical writing instrument of the Tokyo Summit Meeting.
  • PUHA, a small precision assembly robot, is developed, marking Pentel's entry into the industrial robot industry.
  • The Pentel Correction Pen is launched.
  • Pentel takes part in Japan's first international stationery and office products show as an exhibitor.
  • The gel ballpoint pen Hybrid is launched.
  • Pentel starts support activities for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
  • The oil-based ballpoint pen R.S.V.P is launched.
  • Pentel Tradio PulamAn is awarded the gold prize at an international trade fair in Paris.
  • The whiteboard markers Konckle and launched.
  • Ibaraki and Yoshikawa factories become the first in the stationery industry to obtain ISO 9001 certification.
  • THe Hybrid Milky series is launched.
  • All there factories in Japan obtain ISO 14001 certification.
  • F-Watercolor in polytubes, Japan's first Eco Mark certified paint tubes, is launched.
    The water-based gel ink ballpoint pen EnerGel is launched.
  • The "Longest Picture in the World", drawn by employees to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Pentel, is registered in the Guiness Book of Records.
  • The Thailand Factory, Pentel's seventh overseas factory, commences operation.
  • Pentel Rus LLC is established in Russia as Pentel's 21st overseas sales office.
  • THe low viscosity oil-based ink ballpoint pen VICUNA is launched.
    The refill lead STEIN is launched.
  • THe Contemorary Art Master's Exhibition is held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Yukio Horie, the founder of Pentel.
  • 50th anniversary of the launch of Pentel Sign Pen
  • The portable bruch pen kirari launched.
    Te digital stationery AnkiSnap is launched.
  • GINZA RAKUGAKI Cafe & Bar by Pentel is opened for a limited period.
  • THe super ultrafine 0.2mm mechanical pencil Orenz is launched.
    The customizable pen i+ is launched..
  • 50th anniversary of Pentel of America Ltd.
  • 70th anniversary of Pentel Co. Ltd.


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