Pentel Colour Brush

New Product
Imagine you are surrounded by nature and a sudden inspiration comes to you to capture the scene with your drawing and you wish for a tool that gives you beautiful colour gradations and is easy to carry.
Pentel Colour Brush lets you do just that!

It has a high-quality nylon brush tip that give better control and retains its shape.
It comes in total of 24 vivid colours to support your creativity. The ink is dye-based and water-soluble, which gives translucent watercolour effects.

You can create more shades by touching the brush tips of different colours together or just touch the tips to water before drawing to obtain lighter shades. Ink flow can be adjusted by squeezing the ink cartridge which flows into the valve-controlled reservoir to control the flow of ink.
To get the Colour Brush started, unscrew the barrel clockwise from the grip and discard the ring in between. Screw the pen back counter-clockwise together and squeeze the barrel gently to start ink flow.

Available in 18 colours, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Lemon Yellow, Brown, Orange, Pink, Sky Blue, Light Green, Turquoise, Olive Green, Pale Orange, Steel Blue, Grey, Yellow Orange, Sepia, and Purple.
Just added new to the range, 6 colours. Burgundy, Emerald Green, Pale Brown, Lime Green, Coral Pink and Violet.
Refill cartridges are also available in all 24 colours.