Pentel Arts Promotion Video


Here comes our new video for Pentel Arts!
The concept is "Hand-drawn gifts for you".

Art can be found in our daily lives.
People are moved by someone‘s “hand-drawn picture”
that bring happiness, joy, or an image that never leaves our mind.
“Everyone’s art” makes others happy in their daily life.
Happiness is when you draw a good sketch in the corner of your notebook;
when a friend thanks you for that message you drew on a sticky note;
or when your illustration you uploaded to SNS is liked by someone you don’t know.
Art can make yourself, your loved ones, or someone you have yet to meet happy.
Giving a “hand-drawn picture” is giving “happiness”
Pentel Arts  offers a wide variety of colours, nibs, materials,
mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens, brush pens, and markers.
Now, you can take any  Pentel  tool you like and express yourself freely.
It will surely become a wonderful artwork that will make someone happy.
Hand-drawn pictures enrich people’s lives.
We want everyone to know how wonderful hand-drawn pictures are in the world.
We want to be the  “Pentel Arts”  that people naturally choose.
This is what we want  Pentel  to be.