Pentel Arts Promotion Video


Here comes our new video for Pentel Arts!
The concept is "Hand-drawn gifts for you".

Art can be found in our daily lives.
People are moved by someone‘s “hand-drawn picture”
that bring happiness, joy, or an image that never leaves our mind.
“Everyone’s art” makes others happy in their daily life.
Happiness is when you draw a good sketch in the corner of your notebook;
when a friend thanks you for that message you drew on a sticky note;
or when your illustration you uploaded to SNS is liked by someone you don’t know.
Art can make yourself, your loved ones, or someone you have yet to meet happy.
Giving a “hand-drawn picture” is giving “happiness”
Pentel Arts  offers a wide variety of colours, nibs, materials,
mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens, brush pens, and markers.
Now, you can take any  Pentel  tool you like and express yourself freely.
It will surely become a wonderful artwork that will make someone happy.
Hand-drawn pictures enrich people’s lives.
We want everyone to know how wonderful hand-drawn pictures are in the world.
We want to be the  “Pentel Arts”  that people naturally choose.
This is what we want  Pentel  to be.

Pentel Colour Brush

New Product
Imagine you are surrounded by nature and a sudden inspiration comes to you to capture the scene with your drawing and you wish for a tool that gives you beautiful colour gradations and is easy to carry.
Pentel Colour Brush lets you do just that!

It has a high-quality nylon brush tip that give better control and retains its shape.
It comes in total of 24 vivid colours to support your creativity. The ink is dye-based and water-soluble, which gives translucent watercolour effects.

You can create more shades by touching the brush tips of different colours together or just touch the tips to water before drawing to obtain lighter shades. Ink flow can be adjusted by squeezing the ink cartridge which flows into the valve-controlled reservoir to control the flow of ink.
To get the Colour Brush started, unscrew the barrel clockwise from the grip and discard the ring in between. Screw the pen back counter-clockwise together and squeeze the barrel gently to start ink flow.

Available in 18 colours, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Lemon Yellow, Brown, Orange, Pink, Sky Blue, Light Green, Turquoise, Olive Green, Pale Orange, Steel Blue, Grey, Yellow Orange, Sepia, and Purple.
Just added new to the range, 6 colours. Burgundy, Emerald Green, Pale Brown, Lime Green, Coral Pink and Violet.
Refill cartridges are also available in all 24 colours. 

Pentel Sign Pen

New Product
Still waiting to get your hands on the perfect tool for your doodling and illustrations? Now no more waiting! Pentel is officially launching one of the most iconic and the most cherished ‘The Original Fibre Tipped Pen – Sign Pen’ in India.

‘The Original Fibre Tipped Pen’ with the fine acrylic point, the Pentel Sign Pen is perfect for adding that vibrancy to your writing, illustrations, and doodling.
It features an extra-durable tip and bright water-based dye ink, producing bold, expressive lines. The cap prevents ink dry-out when the pen is not in use.

The Sign Pen was favoured by USA President Lyndon B. Johnson for signing due to its bold and extensive strokes, it was even adopted as the official writing instrument of NASA and went into space with the Gemini mission in 1966.
The Sign pens are available in 12 colours: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Pink, Sky Blue, Violet, and Yellow Ochre.

Choose Your Colour! With Pentel Permanent X-TRA Large Marker

New Product
Pentel Permanent X-TRA Large Markers come in 9 vibrant ink colours that are permanent, waterproof and xylene-free. Ideal for use on multiple surfaces including paper, metal, jute bag, ceramic, diamond, fabric, glass, plastic, leather, wood, and cardboard.

Available in bullet and chisel tip, they are robust enough for industrial use yet finesse enough for craft & artistic use as well. Bullet tip writes approximately between 1.0mm – 1.6mm line width and the chisel tip writes approximately between 2.3mm to 4.5mm line width depending on writing pressure and angle.
Available in 9 vibrant colours – Black, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Violet.
Refills available for Black, Red, Blue and Green. Item Code: NR401-A, B, C, D