Choose Your Colour! With Pentel Permanent X-TRA Large Marker

New Product
Pentel Permanent X-TRA Large Markers come in 9 vibrant ink colours that are permanent, waterproof and xylene-free. Ideal for use on multiple surfaces including paper, metal, jute bag, ceramic, diamond, fabric, glass, plastic, leather, wood, and cardboard.

Available in bullet and chisel tip, they are robust enough for industrial use yet finesse enough for craft & artistic use as well. Bullet tip writes approximately between 1.0mm – 1.6mm line width and the chisel tip writes approximately between 2.3mm to 4.5mm line width depending on writing pressure and angle.
Available in 9 vibrant colours – Black, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Violet.
Refills available for Black, Red, Blue and Green. Item Code: NR401-A, B, C, D