Pentel Sign Pen

New Product
Still waiting to get your hands on the perfect tool for your doodling and illustrations? Now no more waiting! Pentel is officially launching one of the most iconic and the most cherished ‘The Original Fibre Tipped Pen – Sign Pen’ in India.

‘The Original Fibre Tipped Pen’ with the fine acrylic point, the Pentel Sign Pen is perfect for adding that vibrancy to your writing, illustrations, and doodling.
It features an extra-durable tip and bright water-based dye ink, producing bold, expressive lines. The cap prevents ink dry-out when the pen is not in use.

The Sign Pen was favoured by USA President Lyndon B. Johnson for signing due to its bold and extensive strokes, it was even adopted as the official writing instrument of NASA and went into space with the Gemini mission in 1966.
The Sign pens are available in 12 colours: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Pink, Sky Blue, Violet, and Yellow Ochre.